• Our concept

    Hospitality, Get to know local people, Share experiences.

  • Event Spaces

    You can socialise with likeminded travelers. We also organize tours to show you around the city or more advanced and organised tours in other cultural cities or hikking over the mountains.

  • Sustainability

    Better service for all visitors, guaranteeing best satisfaction.

    Eat local, supporting local businesses.

Albania Backpackers

Albania Backpackers is home to all adventurous travelers around the world, looking to travel to Albania.

The new Albanian traveler’s community is finally getting together to organize for the first time,
a welcoming web page that will offer free information for all type of travelers, around the country and the Balkans.

Our traveler’s specialist in Albania are tour guides that are willing to share their knowledge with anyone that needs to get the right information in the right time.

Albanian backpackers has accommodations in different locations around Albania.

Connecting together families and travelers.

This is a way to help local communities and travelers to get to know local traditions.

Our services

The dining room is bright and uncomplicated, service is exacting but highly personable, with staff helping to create an atmosphere that is always relaxed.
Free parking
Easy Booking operates more than 300 car parks and parks more than 450000 vehicles each day. Expect more from your car park operation.
Free Wi-Fi
Fast, free and safe internet. For everyone. Highspeed connection 24 7.
We offer a large range of discounted spa and pampering products. You can grab a great bargain on a luxury spa day or spa break and really treat yourself.


Rruga Sul Domi, 3003, Elbasan - Albania


+355 69 621 3789

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